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How we do it

We are passionate about responding with the right solution, researching appropriate plants and materials, sourcing in season 'lookalikes' and creating ingenious ways to 'make things happen' in the right way.


We have experience in depth – and not very much surprises us, so we can pretty much deal with everything that comes our way.

Leave it to us. We organise everything – delivery to site, plant and equipment hire and the right skillset to ensure the project is delivered within the right timeframe to the right standards.

We’ll stay on site and remove all the materials once the project is complete. We recycle and reuse 95% of our materials. Promise.

We are meticulous with our advice and in the specification of each project – always detailing how we will approach each challenge and discussing any issues.

There’s nothing we like more than talking through a project and finding the best way to make it happen, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas – even if they seem impossible.

We can probably  find a way.